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Engineer OOW Job Available... UK Sand Dredger

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  • Engineer OOW Job Available... UK Sand Dredger

    Morning everyone,

    Will try to make this as honest as possible because I don't really have time to answer loads of questions (and I don't want to).
    The position will be fill within the next two weeks or so, so if you see this post please don't message me.

    The company I work for have an Engineer position available with the following details.

    Job: Engineer OOW (at least), working together with myself, and four other members of the crew. Experience preferred obviously but not a deal breaker if you can sell yourself well. This is not a major company, more of a local one, so suits somebody who isn't too concerned about career progression and would just like a nice comfortable number for a few years.

    Location: Newport, South Wales... The closer you live the better, as expenses are paid, but they'd like to keep it as local as possible. This doesn't mean you can't still apply though, as I live on the Isles of Scilly and they pay mine.

    Rotation: 2 weeks on 2 weeks off, changeover day on a Wednesday. Time can be flexibly rearranged with back to back for stuff like weddings/holidays.

    Pay: Around 35 K a year, but not totally sure as never bothered to work it out. Expenses paid also.

    Working Environment: All British crews, can go home if we alongside over night (often) and you live close by. Nice friendly company to work for, nice people to work with, we have a great crew at the moment.

    If anyone is interested, message me for an email address.

    Hope I haven't forgotten to include anything.


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    Sorry to everyone else who sent in a CV or messaged, the job has now been filled... Will post on here again if the job becomes available in the future!


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      Engineer job available again, but this time my job, send me a message anyone who is looking.