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Long term employment??

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  • Long term employment??

    Can anyone tell me if the industry is a place where employees can and do work for 1 company for long periods of time? I am determined to complete a Cadetship and break into the industry but I'm not sure if I like the idea of dedicating myself to something that has no job security or none of the benefits that come with being a long term employee. Thanks for any feedback.

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    The industry is in a bad way at the moment. I know some people who've scored long term employment with the likes of carnival and princess, though. That said, the situation is far better for engineers, with jobs for 3rd/2nd engineers popping up on linkedin fairly frequently.
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      These days very few people will work for one company their entire life - that goes for any industry not just shipping. If you particularly choose to remain with a particular employer then it's certainly not rare but be aware that most of the industry operates on "voyage" based contracts, where you're contracted for X months, at the end of which you will go on "vacation" / be unemployed and then issued a new contract starting from when you embark your next ship. So while you may work for a single employer for years, you're still technically just working voyage to voyage.

      Some companies are of course different and offer permanent employment / contracts.
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        Thanks for the replies. It's definatley an industry I want to work in but I also understand the importance of financial security and pensions etc. Can anyone tell me the sort of pensions people tend to have and whether they have insurance policies in place for worst case scenarios. I can't imagine shipping companies would pay any sort of sick pay but at the same time I would imagine that highly qualified people wouldn't work in an industry without any financial back up plan in place.


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          To be fair ir is tricky, personally I've only work for 2 companies in the 30 years since I started my cadetship, with the former eventually being bought by my current company, though I left before that happened.

          For pensions, if you are moving from company to company then look into a private pension o whatever the union one is curently called, it moves with you as it is yours. Bigger UK based employers (the definition of which is vague at best) have got to offer work based pensions, though I have no idea how that works on voyage contracts.

          There are companies who will take you on and will keep you pretty much as long as you want (the usual financial provisos apply...Take over, going bust etc) others who offer voyage contracts are more like real permanent rolling contracts but with some nice get out clauses should they wish to divest themselves of your services for whatever reasons.

          Sick pay is tricky, it depends when you get sick and for how long etc. If you get a bit of cold or flu etc on either ship or leave we tend to ignore it, we are after all more hardy than office dwellers, broken appendages will be trickier, on permanent there will be scoop for xx month sick leave etc, voyage contract I would assume you would call them once rebuilt and they would (presumably) slot you back in.

          You're right to be inquisitive but there are so many variables, all I personally could advise is eyes open, brain on........then good luck
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            Cheers chiefy much appreciated��