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Phone Technical interview

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  • Phone Technical interview

    Hello I have an interview coming up soon and was just wondering what kind of technical questions generally they will ask in the interview for a junior engineer thanks ?

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    What company or ship type? These two answers could change a lot of the stuff they’ll ask!

    Cruise ships it could be anything from power management to spa pumps, ferries could be start limits on bow thrusters to bow door hydraulics etc etc!

    If we know roughly who you’re applying for then hopefully someone can help :-) good luck!


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      Yeah it is for cruise ships, is there anything else you can think of thanks ?


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        As a junior engineer they’re probably more interested in your knowledge of regulations regarding pumping overboard, sewage etc... I doubt they’ll expect you to understand diesel electric azipod propulsion before you start.

        Usually at this stage they’re more interested in ascertaining one thing: are you willing to learn how we do things? So seem keen and interested, if you don’t know an answer say how you’ll be interested to find that out or you’re excited to work on something new etc

        Let us know how you’ve got on, and what kind of stuff they want? I feel a lot of people will want to know what kind of questions are asked in this kind of interview in their future job hunts. If you’re still waiting for the phone call then good luck again, any questions, this is the best place to ask!