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  • RFA Questions

    Planning on joining as a Systems Engineer Office and have a few question if anyone can help?
    1) Is there an active recruitment?
    2) On average how fast is promotion?
    3) How long does it take to become a chartered engineer?
    4) When do shore posts become available?
    5) How much notice must be given before quitting?
    6) Is there many people around the age of 20?

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    1. Usually yes for the SE branch.
    2. Can be quite speedy in the SE branch because it is an in demand skill, and the progression is a bit more simple due to the lack of Techncal Tickets required.
    3. No idea.
    4. As and when, usually SE posts are in Portsmouth, Falmouth, or Birkenhead.
    5. 3 Months. But I don't know if they hold people to it.
    6. Yeah loads actually, and quite a lot of young 3/O SE who have either come from Uni or industry as sparks.