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    Hello, I'm curious if anyone has joined the RFA as a qualified officer. I mean just say exams, then been accepted as a deckie.

    Touch wood I'll be qualifying next year and I was wondering whether it is worth getting an application in before I've sat the exam?

    I have heard that the RFA only recruit juniors from their own cadets, but on the other hand, an ex-James Fisher 3/O was on my fire fighting course so...

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    Two guys I know got jobs there as 3/O shortly after qualifying so it's certainly possible. This was a couple of years back when they seemed to be on a massive recruitment drive, not sure what the situation is now.


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      Current adverts seem to suggest a shortage of senior ranks in the RFA


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        RFA were taking on 3/O's in abundance last year when I interviewed with them. The start dates were postponed which put a lot of guys on standby. I imagine they wanted to build up a reserve of candidates for new ships. They always seem to have the budget after reading up about the sector.


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          According to one of my old lecturers who was with the RFA, they had a massive recruitment drive a few years ago, where they took on so many Junior Deck Officers there was no space for them on any of their vessels, so most of them were sitting at home for way longer than the usual leave periods on full pay.

          I spoke to them at a job fair earlier this year and I got told on no uncertain terms that they will not be taking any (non ex-rfa cadet)Junior Deck Officers on for the next while and that if they were they wouldn't look at anyone without a Foundation Degree!

          Was a bit of a kick in the balls at the time as I really wanted to move over to tankers from RoRo, as I thought the RFA was the only way I could do that. However I got a job with an LNG tanker company like a week after my orals so I don't think the job situation is as bad as people make it out to be !


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            RFA recruitment seems to go in cycles. In the early-mid noughties they took on a lot of qualified junior officers, then froze external recruitment for a decade or so and then took on more in the mid 20-teens.

            Depends on how bad retention is at any given time.

            The most recent time there was a push to get the overall numbers up and hope that masked the lack of senior officers.


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              From a couple of sources the general advice seems to be along the lines of "too many junior officers".

              Bit of a roadblock for me but not the end of the world by a long shot. Advice seems to be stick where I am for the time being and re-assess with experience and a higher CoC.

              Thanks for the replies!


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                RFA are* recruiting Deck Officers with Chief Mates and Masters and as people rightly allude too, there is an abundance of junior deck officers in the RFA at present.

                * last time i saw an agency post about it
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