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    Hi to all. I am a retired Master Mariner, who served his time with Cunard from 1957. I gained 2nd Mates at Leith in 1961 and sailed as second mate on the British Coast in order to hone my pilotage skills and ship handling. I then returned "Deep sea" and sailed on various vessel types, finally gaining my first command in 1974. I would encourage all cadets, or "Officer Trainees", as they are now known, to pursue their studies and enjoy a versatile, enjoyable way of life, as I did, for 52 years. Retired, of course, I am now an Ambassador for the Merchant Navy Training Board, and lecture in senior schools and 6th form Colleges, to recruit interested lads and lasses for a sea-faring career. I am also a senior member of Coast Watch, and am instrumental in assisting HMC/Guard to save lives, having a personal tally of 8, (eight), lives saved. May I offer my encouragement to all aspiring Officers, and wish you all well in your chosen careers.
    Best regards. Captain Gordon Whittaker.

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    Re: Joining greetings

    Welcome Gordon!

    Very pleased to welcome you Cap'n!

    We have great plans for this site, and look forward to being able to work with partners like the MNTB in promoting British MN careers.

    Yours aye,

    Emeritus Admin & Founding Member


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      Re: Joining greetings

      Hi Gordon,

      Great to have you!
      Hello! I'm Chris. I'm away a lot so I'm sorry if it takes me a while to reply to messages, but I promise I'll get back to everyone. If it's urgent, please email me directly at [email protected].

      Need books, Flip Cards or chartwork instruments? Visit!


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        Re: Joining greetings

        As Delia Smith would say,"Where are you"/, "Let's be having you"! We need more contributors, with a brief history. I am sure we are all of like minds, and would happily promote the sadly declined source of quality Officers from our great maritime Island. Would I do it all again? You Betcha! Great memories, great shipmates, and a wealth of experience gained.