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Anyone sponsored by Royal Caribbean?

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  • Anyone sponsored by Royal Caribbean?

    Hello guys,

    Im new to this website and just curious to see if anyone else is sponsored by RCL?
    I'm a deck cadet and finished my first phase at college, waiting to go on the Legend of the Seas in August-December.

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    Lucky, very few get a position with RCL. Will you relieve a position once qualified
    Phase 5 SPD engine cadet at city of Glasgow college. Doing a a combined motor and steam ticket.


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      Originally posted by therookie101 View Post
      Lucky, very few get a position with RCL. Will you relieve a position once qualified
      That depends where you are! 5 of the 18 deck cadets studying at the University of Plymouth in my year are from RCCL.
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      Experience with Container, General Cargo and Cruise vessels.


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        I'm a royal deck cadet, there is a few if us down at Warsash too. I've just got back from my first ship and had an amazing time onboard , sad to be back to be honest but I couldn't extend as there was a cadet releiving me. Work your balls off in the beginning when working with the boson and you'll have a good rest of the trip in my experience anyway! Any royal specific questions fire away or pm me!


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          Thanks for your replies guys. Theres only 2 of us in my intake in Glasgow. I heard they only took 2 from each college in the UK.

          I'm really excited to get on my first ship... any other tips/advice?

          Do they give you all your uniform when your onboard? Or do you have to take your college shirt/jumper/boilersuit/safety boots?

          Did you share a cabin as a cadet?

          How did you get on with the training record books?


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            I'm the only deck at stc (in all the phases) theres a few electrical cadets i know who have just sat there orals.. one joins freedom later in year as 3 elc.

            all uniform is onboard but like i said in pm, trousers and shoes are nasty so i take my own.

            theres a nice rule somewhere around page 235 in the Bahamas book stating cadets can only share with cadets (and i think male + male / Female + female) (sharp 1/o shared that info when they tried to put a chef in my room) probably would use this as a last resort tho, i had known the captain for 10 years and the staff capt was a great guy so they were delighted when i highlighted this with them..

            when i was on adventure the female deck cadet shared with one of the crew admin, they both got on really good so it worked.


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              I'm now the only RCCL cadet at Plymouth once the final phase cadets have finished... currently on Liberty of the seas. As for uniform, you get it on-board, would recommend your own safety boots though unless you want to walk around flat-footed and aching for the duration of your contract!

              It seems the experience is different for everyone, but everyone's overall opinion is good of the company, I worked my first week with the bosun before going up on the bridge (I have deck experience through fishing etc so the captain didnt see it necessary keeping me chipping and painting!), now on my 5th week (of an 8 month first phase) and its going great!