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Clyde Marine rejection due to academic results or age?

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  • Clyde Marine rejection due to academic results or age?


    I'll be 32 in September but have decided to pursue a career in the merchant navy. Although partially due to becoming disillusioned with the office job, it's something I have been considering for several years as I grew up on the coast and my first job was as a sailing instructor.

    I applied to Clyde Marine last week for a position as an officer cadet and have just received an e-mail letting me know that I was not successful in the first selection process (after passing the initial online test). I'm just wondering if this is this due to my academic results or my age?

    I have nine GCSE's (1 A, 7 B's and a C.) Four A-levels (1 A and 3 C's) and a Bsc from King's College London. I've worked mostly in management and have a reasonable C.V. which includes several years in the ATC and CCF, TEFL and PADI qualifications and membership of various societies and sports teams.

    Perhaps I'm just being arrogant but I thought I would at least get an interview. However maybe the academic requirements are higher than I had realised? If this is the case is it worth pursuing a career in the Merchant navy or should I be looking elsewhere?

    Any input would be much appreciated,


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    Give them a call tomorrow, its certainly not because of your qualifications. There is a 32 year old who is doing the PD with bibby in my intake. Not too sure about the age for Clyde marine though, the oldest person I know with them is 28.


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      Yeah I would definitely call up and ask why, I got in this year with Standard Grades only so the GCSE equiv to that would be 4 B's and 4 C's with C's in Maths/Physics and I'm 17. Also from reading posts from other cadets age isn't an issue.
      Good luck


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        Clyde offered me a cadetship at age 30 so I don't think age is the issue but it may have been less competitive in 2010. I applied with similar academics, but for eto not deck.
        Former TH cadet with experience of cruise ships, buoy tenders, research ships and oil tankers