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  • Hiii

    Hi guys

    My name is David Almeida Martin and i'm from the Canary Island in Spain and i?m studying for deck department , I embark in January and i?m looking something out of Spain, but it seems difficult because i haven?t got the UK nationality (all what i found ask me it) , in July-August i will try to pass the Marlins English Test (including VOSE). My questions are: do you know any sponsor that accept a future spanish deck cadet? Have i any opportunity to embark by my own at non-spanish vessels? (for example UK vessels) and if one of those are yes, how i do it?

    Thanks in advance , David

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    Hello and welcome, I'm also a newbie here.

    I'm pretty sure that you have to be a British citizen to take advantage of the sponsorship scheme we have here in the UK. When you finish your studies will you be a qualified officer? Or are you studying at the moment in the hope of becoming a deck officer?


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      Hello McBoo, i?m studying a University degree, in Spain the things are different than the UK, first we have 2 years and half of the third of theory (mathematics, physics, chemistry, nautical charts...), then we must looking for own embark for complete the age of deck cadet and be a second officer (or third if the company designate you). I?m completing the second year and i?m planning right now find my own embark. I don?t like the spanish plan but there is no option.


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        Welcome to

        Which island are you from? I know that on Lanzarote there are many informal language exchange programs which will help with your English language skills.

        I think it will be difficult to find UK based companies who will employ Spanish cadets as they get big tax incentives to employ British caaets, maybe some of the big international cruise companies could help?

        Bienvenido a Officercadet. com

        ?De qu? isla eres? S? que en Lanzarote hay muchos intercambios de que te ayudar? con su ingl?s.

        Creo que ser? dif?cil para encontrar empresas del Reino Unido que emplear? a cadetes espa?oles porque hay incentivos fiscales a emplear cadetes brit?nicos, tal vez algunos de los grandes empresas internacionales de cruceros podr?a ayudarte.
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          I see, so you have to arrange your own 'sea phase' as we call it here. I'm sorry I don't know enough about how it works where you are to be able to help very much.

          However, I wouldn't have thought it very likely that you would be given a placement with any of the companies who recruit cadets through the British system as they will have enough cadets to train through that scheme.

          I feel you may have to complete your training following the pathway they want you to. When you are qualified you will be able to apply for a job with any companies that you would like to.

          I'm sure one of the forum gurus will be along soon to give you a more complete answer.


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            Thanks Clanky, i?m from Gran Canaria, on Lanzarote i know those programs but, if i didn?t read bad, are for fishing cadets and i?m going to the Merchant Navy. I have looked at Carnival, Holland America, Costa, Cunard and all requires the UK nationality (at exception of Costa that requires the Italian or Brazilian). Even in P&O, Stena Line... requires the UK nationality :/

            Pd: sorry if my english is not very good, i?m learning


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              There is a fishing college in Arrecife, but I was talking about the language intercambios (I'm not sure what the correct translation of that in English is).

              They are a place where English speakers and Spanish speakers go to talk to each other informally and practice their language skills.

              I am sure there will be some in Gran Canaria, at least in Las Palmas, Mas Palomas or some of the other areas with British residents.
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                Sounds good Clanky, i will seek information about it. Thanks about the information people i?m going to stay here at the forum