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  • Hello Comrades

    Hello everyone, nice to met you all. Thought I should be a good neighbour and introduces myself to everyone..
    I am Hassan from London. I am aspiring Cadet and hopefully will be going into the Industry in January (if i do get a place) and in order to secure myself a place and met the requirements of the programme, I am actually going back to the college to improve my Maths and Sciences (though I said to myself I would never go back to studies after uni) but something has to give right lol

    Nevertheless, This site has been great source of information and reading all those threads and comments have actually inspired me even more than ever.
    BIG Things Have small Beginnings.

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    Welcome Hassan. I didn't go back to college myself, but I did pay for maths tuition before I applied as I got the bare minimum maths grade required to apply. It went down very well in the interviews I had, I think all companies like the idea of a cadet who is willing to go the extra mile.

    Good luck with finding a sponsor!


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      Thanks rootsea.

      Yeah I agree with you, going back to studies does proof a lot and it's an investment on the behalf of the potential candidates. I have actually thought about getting a private tutor but economically it doesn't work out as it's like ?25 per hour (where I reside). For that reason, I simply enrolled in my local college payed ?400ish including exam fees. Youtube is like my private tutor. And hopefully, end product will come out in June

      I assume you have already secured a sponsorship, might I ask who you have gone with?
      BIG Things Have small Beginnings.