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    I came here because last year I decided to make a professional change, working as a marine electrician officer and I search for information about this and about traning period (electro-tehnicalcadet).
    I'm 37 years old, I'm an automation engineer and I work in a lime factory as Head of Electrical Maintenance.
    Now I'm in a second Univeristy 3th year (from 4) wich is a Maritime Univeristy of electrical engineering,chair Electrotechnical, the first degree is electrical engineer at power electronics and electrical drives.
    Is verry dificult for me to go on sea as an electro-tehnical cadet becouse that means to leave my job and the salary of electro tehnical cadet is less than half of my present salary.
    If someone knows another solution to do this change (from ashore Automation Engineer to Marine Electrical Offiter)without traning period please tell me about it.
    Another solution is to go as an electrician, after I graduated as an adaptation course as an electrician wich give me an CoC as a electrician.
    I ask you all for your advise what is the better solution?What is the difference between ETO and electrician (workink, salary, resposabilities)in a tank(oill/chimical,LPG,LNG) vessels?

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    Hi, a lot will depend on which country you are from. A few years ago some companies would have employed you directly as a junior officer without the need for a cadetship, but I'm not sure if that will be the case now.

    Try contacting shipping companies or local crewing agents for advice.

    Good luck.
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      I'm from Romania, and for ETO CoC is a must 6 mounth as an cadet traning program and graduated of a maritime university.