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    Originally posted by Blondie View Post
    Syg- I am indeed Bluebird. I use both forums and between them I've found the answer to every question I've ever had about cadetships & the RFA.

    I don't think I have seen any PNTL cadets but I'll keep an eye out. In all honesty by knowledge of shopping companies is weak because I only ever wanted to join the RFA and didn't research anything else. Clearly since starting at Fleetwood by knowledge has increased!
    Cheers, if you get any contact details for people in the PNTL office or anything like that. Let me know, it'd be much appreciated.


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      Hello again, all.

      I've been giving it more thought and I am actually leaning more towards the engineering side of things at the moment. After speaking to Carnival UK, they said they'd put me on the foundation degree in Marine Engineering were I to be successfully sponsored by them. I've also been thinking that it will be a load more transferable to other industries as well should I need to change careers for whatever reason. It brings up a whole new set of questions though. Mainly again about the maths, if there is anyone who's doing a course now, could you provide any insight into how tough the maths is? I've read the course summary on the STC website, but it doesn't really mean a lot as non of the modules are things I have done before with maths CGSE etc. Would there be a huge difference in difficulty between the foundation degree, and the HND Marine Officer Training Scheme? Would there also be a difference in the jobs I'd be eligible for at the end of the course were I to do the HND instead of the FD?