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Is the precadetship course a good idea???

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  • Is the precadetship course a good idea???

    Just wondering if anyone else is thinking about doing the pre cadetship course at South Tyneside college in Sept 2014? or if anyone on here has completed or due to complete soon. I have a conditional place hopefully on Level 3 to start this September but will this open the door to a sponsored cadetship guaranteed??? I am in the process of applying to lots of companies for sponsorship but not yet been successful, not sure if my age is going against me as not 16 until April. The pre cadetship course is my back up plan.

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    I did it the year it started. The first year it was a bit disorganised but out of 22, 6 dropped out in the first month because it was too hard, or they changed their mind and 13 got jobs in the end, if you pass you're almost guaranteed a job with someone, if you try hard when applying (every time I applied I'd ring the training officer and ask if they had seen my application, this got me about 5 interviews and certainly my place with Anglo Eastern) in fact, Carnival came in and did tests and gave interviews, though only one person ended up going with them. If you don't have a B in maths and want to do engineering then I'd probably do GCSE maths, but if you're deck then do the pre cadetship. In short, if you don't get a place, do it, you'll almost certainly get a job at the end.


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      Thank you, that has helped me to decide what to do. It is deck that I'm interested in and I have a C in maths but have another exam in May so hopefully I will get a B. I am going to follow up my applications with a phone call, so thanks for that advice. And if I have no luck I will do the pre cadetship in September.