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Hello everyone! Can I have some help please?

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  • Hello everyone! Can I have some help please?


    I am currently taking a course in Malta (probationary Officer Cadet). I started in Oct '13 and I love it. I am British but i decided to come here because I couldn't get on a course in the U.K because I don't have a C in maths at GCSE (although I am good in maths). I have the grades in the other subjects i.e English and Science. I felt that if I could complete this course it would show my willingness and determination to succeed in the Maritime Industry. On the course I have learnt a lot about many different subjects (chart work, navigation, stability, colregs, seamanship, meteorology, general ship knowledge(GSK), physic, maths).
    I have just applied to Clyde Marine training so just waiting to hear back from them. I would stay in Malta and complete the next 3 years here but after this year I will not have accommodation as I am living with a relative but he is leaving Malta soon and getting work here is hard and a part time job would not be able to support me. This course finishes in July so I would be coming back to the U.K around July/August.
    Could anyone please suggest some more companies I could apply to that are not so "hung up" on the grades and would also take someone who is very determined?
    Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks in advance

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    Hi Steve,

    Well I would say from what I know from my own experiences when I applied as my grades were not fantastic, that you will find this problem time and time again of grades. I think its generally a minimum standard set by most training providers and companies. My advice would be just apply for as many companies as possible and you never know. But what you are currently doing in Malta does show good intent and they will like that! All the best and if I can be of any more help just PM me.
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      Just had my first rejection letter!


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        Originally posted by SteveCurwen1988 View Post
        Just had my first rejection letter!
        If you're having some issues with applications then pop a PM over to Hatchorder. He's the application/CV god (minus thunderbolts thank feck)....
        I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.....

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