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  • Hey there!!!

    Aspiring Office Cadet here, currently at HMS Raleigh doing the RFA Seaman Grade 2 (SG2) deckie course. I did the RFAIB back in January but missed out by a few points but am back next January for round 2! Will let you know how it goes....
    Hopefully make it and see some of ya at sea!!

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    Re: Hey there!!!

    Going RTO already as an SG2?

    Or are you basically going along the idea that officially you would be quitting your SG2 job and then joining again as a new entrant cadet?

    I should be on the november intake for deck cadet


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      Re: Hey there!!!

      Well I applied for SG2 abd the day after the interview they rang me to ask why I had not gone for Officer. I explained that I didn't have Physics and Maths was a grade C etc., but they said apply anyway because fo other quals, which I did but missed the RFAIB by a few points. They said to go for the SG2 abd re-do the AIB in January, which is bits crossed is the plan and the RFA trainers here know that is my plan...Not sure what to do if I miss again though, other shipping companies or RTO which could take a while...
      Good luck for November though......