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  • Hi guys

    Hi guys,

    Just recently passed PD in marine engineering at City of Glasgow College. passed my EOOW and just received my CoC. I did my cadetship on two container ships round the Mediterranean, Europe and Mexico (Pacific side). just started looking for work this week and applying to the better known container companies.

    The main issue I'm experiencing on the application forms is the "marine courses and STCW courses" section. in these sections they ask for expiry dates for these courses. I didn't realise that they had expiry dates and cant leave these sections blank.

    Any information on this problem would be greatly appreciated. and also any information on companies that might be looking for 4/E. I have found this site really helpful while in college and completing projects and hope I can return the favour in the future.


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    Your STCW certificates do not have an expiry date although this will change in 2017 I think is it. Get onto recruitment agencies like Clyde marine and stuff they tend to have a lot of engineer jobs


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      If you can't leave them blank, then stick a date 5 years in the future down.


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        Thanks for the replies. Will check Clyde marine out and put 5 years down.


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          There is a list of recruitment agencies in a post here I think in the job hunting bit


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            Yep, if an electronic form won't let you leave them blank then assume 5 years.

            Good luck.
            Go out, do stuff