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    Hello everyone,

    I made this account a few months back and have been reading the various posts and articles but never got around to introducing myself.
    My name is Sean, I'm 19 and from Manchester. I've been interested in a job in the MN for a while now and have spent the last few months reading up on the different roles, routes of entry and training organisations but I still have some questions.

    • How many intakes a year do the colleges have? I've not yet applied for any cadetships yet and wanted to know whether I'd still have a chance of getting accepted on one this year or am I going to have to wait until next September?
    • Do companies take applications at open days? Should I take CVs and cover letters?
    • What are the main differences between the HND and the FD courses? I only have the qualifications for the HND but would be willing to go back to college and do some A levels if that's for the best.
    • How difficult is the maths involved with the deck officer role? I have a maths GCSE but I'm pretty rusty and would like to know which subjects I'm best re-acquainting myself with.

    Thanks in advance, this place has already helped me a great deal in finding out about the MN.

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    I don't know a lot, but from what I can gather, I think the colleges have around 2 intakes a year. January and September. You stand a good chance of getting in the September one if you applied now.

    Dont know I'm afraid, I applied on-line through CMT

    One gives you a foundation degree and the other is a Higher National Certificate/Diploma. If your goal at the end is to be a Deck Officer then it won't matter which one you get as you'll be doing the same jobs no matter which route you've gone down. Which one you do just depends on how many UCAS points you have. The good thing about the Foundation Degree is that you'll be able to upgrade it to a normal degree with some study later on in your life. Like I said though. It's not going to help you in the short term.

    I wouldn't really be able to tell you this either but I imagine you need a fairly good understanding of maths. After all, you're dealing with charts, degrees, angles etc etc. They only ask for Maths GCSE though so I wouldn't worry about it too much. That's what the course is there for! It will bring everyone up to the same level, knowledge wise, so that you can do your job.

    Once again, I don't know much, I'm starting in September and I'm just going on information I've seen here and online. If anyone knows more feel free to correct me or add to what I've said.

    Good Luck!
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      Thanks for the welcome and for your insight, fingers crossed I can get one one for this September!

      Good luck with your cadetship.
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