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  • :) hi

    Hi i'm Emily i'm 21years old and i'm an aspiring Deck cadet looking into it for Septmeber 2014 intake. Not too sure whether i'll get onto one though because i already have a degree which is totally irrelevent because i didnt know what i wanted to do. But always at the back of my mind ive had the Merchant navy since i left school in 2008 when i went to an open day at Fleetwood nautical college and was told by a gentleman to go and grow up first. :/ so i chose a rubbish college course and subsequently a rubbish degree in subjects i'm totally not interested in! Any help/guidance would be sooooooo appreciated! TIA! xx Emily
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    Hello and welcome...

    The natives will be along shortly...
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      Sounds like the guy at Fleetwood gave you some bad advice! Anyway the degree shouldn't be a hindrance at all. I would say the majority of people in my intake who made it to the end and got their OOW ticket already had a degree. Shows you have the ability to cope with studying independently and all that stuff. Also likely that the workload will be less of a shock if you are used to uni work.

      Best advice is to go for it, apply everywhere and apply early. Check out the CV writing article for tips on how to make yourself stand out in the application process and have a read through the forum for other threads on similar subjects. Loads of info on here. The search function is your friend!

      Good luck!


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        Hi Emily,


        Replied to your other thread. I'm pretty sure the degree will work in your favour, and September's the right time to be looking at so get applications in!
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          Hi welcome, it's always good to see girls interested in the MN seems to be more since I started ! Best of luck !


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            You do not have to be mad to be here - but it helps.

            If you are doing a CV and need some advice hop over to this:

            The Officer Cadet guide to writing a CV

            It may help.

            Shout if you need anything else!

            Good luck.

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              Welcome to the forum, good luck with your application.
              Go out, do stuff