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    Royal Caribbean vs Magical Cruise Line.

    Which company is better to work for/train under?

    K Line Bulk Shipping vs Northern Marine Management.

    Again, which company is better to work for/train under?

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    Never heard of magical cruise lines but I think Royal Caribbean are supposed to be pretty decent. Notoriously competitive though.

    K Line I'm not too sure about but know several people who trained with Northern Marine. Generally get some sea time on Ferries round the UK (Calmac or Stena) and deep sea time on Stena tankers. Seemed to get good training and obviously a mix of coastal with British officers with the ferries and then deep sea with the tankers. All of them were offered employment on Stena on completion of their cadetship. I believe mostly in their LNG fleet which is a pretty good sector to get into if you like money.

    Given the choice of all of the above I would probably go with NMM because tanker experience + DCE gained as a cadet makes it significantly easier to go into this sector once qualified. And there is a good chance you will get offered a job with them at the end anyway.


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      If by Magic Cruise lines you mean Disney? because thats the only name similar to that I've heard of.

      As for Cruise vs Cruise its very competitive but not necessarily the best cadetship.

      Like EH75 has said NMM are a very reputable company and I would recommend them.

      K Line are bulk cargo and tankers which are Filipino/Eastern European crewed... I'd steer clear , very low chance of job at end - although I know a guy who was given a job through V-Ships which is the crew management.


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        just putting it out there you may be limiting your self with company's, I would advise to apply to as many as possible.
        I am not afraid of storms, for I am learning how to sail my ship!!