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  • Hello!

    Im a recently qualified UK OOW Engineer, beginning the daunting task of finding my first position as an engineering officer! Eager to find a way into the offshore industry and any help on the best way to get there (after a cadetship on deep sea container ships) will be very much appreciated.

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    Hello and welcome!

    Usual muppets will be along shortly....
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      You whooooooo ;-)

      Have you tried the usual suspects?
      North Star, Vroon, Bibby Offshore, Maersk Offshore to name 4.

      More muppets will be along shortly
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        muppet number three reporting for duty. Welcome to the forum.

        Contact the agencies, Clyde etc. get a trip under your belt somewhere and then start looking to offshore.

        Next muppet will appear soon.
        Go out, do stuff


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          Girl muppet reporting in briefly, hello and goodbye, I'm off to see the penguins. Back briefly in 6 or so weeks.


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            Originally posted by Clanky View Post
            ...Next muppet will appear soon.
            You called?

            Hello Jukey - have you sorted your CV out?

            Welcome to the madhouse.....

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