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Hello from a aspiring deck cadet!

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  • Hello from a aspiring deck cadet!

    Hello everyone!

    Just thought I'd introduce myself with this post (hopefully the first of many)!

    For a long time now (since recently) I had always wanted to become a Doctor! The day came when I had my careers interview and with that interview a 15 minute talk that quite literally changed my life goals and ambitions!

    It had been to my knowledge beforehand of the fantastic opportunities avalible in the merchaint navy and also in the royal navy but it never really clung on to me as such! However now I'm counting down the weeks and days until I receive my national insurance number so I can send my aplications away to diffrent companys!

    My main aim would be to secure a place on assement days with Princess, Carnival and also some container ship companys (not 100% sure who yet). My first question would have to be is Princess a good company to go for compaired with Carnival and what are the conditions like (eg benifits).

    I have finnally reached a point where I can find somthing to focus on and hope to achieve! Have to work on the maths side of it though. I've been reading its pritty difficult! Any advice on this also?

    Thanks for your help and I hope to hear back from you guys!


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    well since a mod doesn't seem to be online, I'll say hello!

    While I won't tell you not to have goals etc, the merch is bigger than cruise ships. In answer to your question, I've not heard any complaints from my Princess colleagues, but then we've not been to sea yet. Benefits on cruise as far as I can tell are girls and booze. A lot of companies are dry now, and girls are a rarity but not unheard of. We have about !0% girls in my phase at WMA and that seems higher than average.

    Advice for maths: revise revise revise. It's a big part of being an officer. You have to be able to calculate compass errors, load lines, metacrentres of stability and all the rest. You'll get taught it as you go on, but you really ought to have strong GCSE or standards/highers if you're scottish. i'm guessing you're 15/16 if you're just about to receive a national insurance number. Google maths at sea and buy the course (and complete it) to prove your dedication and you'll get brownie points.

    Just to play devil's advocate, why don't you want to be a doctor anymore? This could be a question you might get asked in interview etc, what changed? Why won't you change your mind again and all the rest. I hope this helps as I've had a few rounds of ring of fire and may not be in an entirely sober state...

    good luck and stick around


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      Not much difference between princess and carnival UK, the benefits are the same as they are both owned by Carnival Corp but the main differences are.

      1. Carnival UK you are more likely to join or leave ship in Southampton, this is a good and bad thing as you can get everything you need on and off easily, but you don't get to fly as much where as all the princess lads in my year flew out to join ship....
      2. I dunno if this has gone back up but princess earn less as cadets than carnival UK, this was due to the smart funding being changed.
      3. It seemed like their was more British officers on Carnival UK ships than their were on Princess.

      but over all both sets had great trips and not much variation in training and its all the same company really sooo


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        Welcome to the forum.

        Apply to as many companies as you can and then when you (hopefully) get loads of offers you can compare what they are all saying and pick the one which seems best.

        There are a few cruise v. cargo threads on here which are worth a read if you are not sure which way to go.
        Go out, do stuff


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          With regards to Princess v Carnival UK the differences have already been covered above but in the 10 plus years I was with them I frequently used to skip between the fleets when qualified, every few years they decide to run independently but then they will mix up the fleet again (it's all cyclic with Carnival) one year I did all 4 fleets - carnival UK, Carnival Australia, Princess and Cunard!
          Pilotage - It's just a controlled allision


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            Thanks for the welcome! Another question!!

            Hi Guys thank you all for your fantastic replies and the warm welcomes!

            [Just to play devil's advocate, why don't you want to be a doctor anymore?]
            Firstly thanks for your answer! Uhh the main reason why is that I have recently realized what sort of lifestyle that it entails and also the sort of grades needed for entry! These are not only ridiculous but are going on absurd! I think in an interview I'll be able to put my point across better but that's the baseline reason I guess!

            I have looked up the maths @ sea course and am buying it today (doing what I'm told ) it looks to be a really useful tool for revision and learning and I think I've been powered by your comment HW cheers for your advice! Very useful!

            Also hi and thanks for posting your useful comments on the thread it really does help getting a first hand opinion on companies! My next question would have to be what are assessment days like and what sort of preparation should i do to be best prepared?



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              The assessment day is great fun for carnival! and heard the princess one is pretty much the same, even done in the same office if you get to them they will pretty much tell you how to prepare, dunno how much were allowed to say, but it involved a group exercise, then like 4-5 of those silly aptitude tests, with questions like if you push a ball in this direction how far does it roll haha, nothing to get worked up about! then a individual interview.
              The only thing you can really prepare for is maths and they just recommend looking over the bitesize website GCSE stuff.


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                Hey dude , Im pretty much the same age as you and ive just started studying Alevels , I've had my GCSE results and they were all good enough for every company if your wanting to join for 2014 september i strongly recommend you to apply around January-March , Earlier the better and more chance to get accepted as ive asked companies when to apply and they said them times unless specified on the website,

                When i was studying my GCSE's i got accepted for a company and was sucessful enough to get an interview right in the middle of exams which put me under sooo much pressure so i couldnt get enough preparation for the interview and failed , But i've just recently applied for January intake and hoping for the best ;D , If theres anything you want to ask on like Applying to companies, First interviews and Cv's Im just a PM away cause i know how you feel and im at the point now I just really want to go study to become a Deck offcer.

                Oh and yerhh Welcome Matey ;D