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  • Mr Charlie Bugden

    Hello there I would like an answer to this question. I have gained a HNC in Marine Engineering and passed my oral exam but have failed my EK twice is it possible to do the HND or FD/PD to get around not doing the EK exam and thus gaining the EOOW ticket.

    Thanks in advance guys

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    Pretty sure if you do an FD you'll get exemptions, but it seems like a lot of work and money instead of just studying and passing the other exam?


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      You only get exemptions if you do the FD/PD and as far as I'm aware you would have to do that from the start. You can't do your 3 year HND based cadetship and then somehow tag the FD/PD onto the end of it I don't think. There is stuff you have to complete at sea to complete the FD/PD which you won't be able to do as you will already have completed your sea time as a cadet. That would be the main barrier I would think. Plus the funding. Maybe see about going back to college to do some sort of prep for your EK exam. Obviously that would cost money but probably the best option tbh.