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Hello from the Maritime Educational Foundation

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  • Hello from the Maritime Educational Foundation

    The Maritime Educational Foundation (MEF) is a charity funded by the Maritime Training Trust (who manage the Payment in Lieu of Training (PILOT) payments from UK registered shipping companies who do not reach their core training commitment of 1 officer cadet per 15 officers employed.

    The MEF is dedicated to advancing education and training in maritime skills. We sponsor a number of officer trainees each year and use a number of training providers to help us achieve the highest quality training available. We also add on extra training through the Outward Bound Trust and require our training providers to get our trainees 3 months more sea time than the statutory minimum so as to make them more "watch ready' when they qualify.

    The trustees are made up of representatives of the UK Chamber of Shipping, Nautilus International and the RMT. The MEF is currently managed by myself, Kate Gillespie of KG Maritime, under the governance of the MEF Director and MEF board of Trustees.The trustees are made up of representatives of the UK Chamber of Shipping, Nautilus International and the RMT.

    If anyone, existing or prospective officer trainees, would like to know more about the MEF, just give me a shout!
    Kate Gillespie

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    Nice to have you here!


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      The links in your signature don't seem to work. Any chance you could check them please?


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        Welcome Kate! Thanks for joining, it's great to have sponsor companies on here as a means of direct contact with future cadets


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          Welcome, great to see organisations such as yourselves on the forum.

          Like HW above say the signature links don't seem to be working.
          Go out, do stuff


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            Hello and welcome...
            I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.....

            All posts here represent my own opinion and not that of my employer.


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              Welcome to the forum. I believe you taught me law at South Shields during my cadetship. I think a few of the members here will remember you fondly for your excellent lectures. It's great that you are able to come and contribute here.