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  • Hey!

    Been hiding around the edges for a while! Decided I may as well join and get involved a bit more! Looking to do the degree path as a deck cadet in september 2014, preferably at Warsash!

    Decided to start a blog too, help me make sense of it all and hopefully help other people too in years to come! Talking like I've got a job already though is bound to bring bad karma to the thing though!

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    Hey Inland Pirate and Welcome! Blogs are great, I mainly actually keep mine as a personal record of life at sea and so my family can keep up with what I'm doing, other people seem to like reading it too which is kinda cool! We've got several excellent bloggers on here already and I love reading all of them, no two experiences are the same and it's brilliant for potential applicants to get a real idea of what they can expect. At the moment, I'd recommend Sea Interludes, Sperret, Fox at Sea, and The Mariner, the first three are, respectively, an aspiring cadet who's just got a place at college, a cadet just at the start of phase two now, and a cadet just at the end of phase two. The Mariner is a qualified officer who's got himself a well fancy website now with lots of good stuff about training.


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      haha alright! I'll take a look, thanks!