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  • two questions from cadets

    Hello thereI have two questions from dear cadets:1.Give an account ofa cargo loading operation in which you have taken part?2. Give a brief description of a berthing / unberthing operation of your ship?I'm waiting for your answers.

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    Are you kidding? If you have a CoC and are asking this then I am very worried about our industry!

    Edit- as this possibly affects some cadets I will briefly explain:

    1. The Cadet should write down how they participated in the cargo operations, this includes everything from preparations to any loading / discharging gear, PPE, paperwork and permits. They should include copies of any paperwork and a diagram or picture would be good. Reference to any cargo securing manual and company procedures should be made.

    2. Talk about any pre arrival/departure briefing, how the mooring teams are comprised, any safety issues and things like SnapBack zones, the communication methods between bridge and mooring teams. The effect of things like night time arrivals/departures and any hazards, meteorological issues, any positioning issues for cargo (like lining up hoses, cranes) and external parties such as Pilots etc.
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