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Hello! I've got a few questions :)

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  • Hello! I've got a few questions :)

    Hi, I have an interview with princess cruises for a deck apprenticeship and I would like to know if anybody knows how there process works? And also if you have any helpful tips you could give me as I really want this. Thank you

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    Welcome to the forum and good luck with the interview.

    I would suggest that you ask one of our very nice moderators (as opposed to the really nasty ones ) to change your user name to something less easily identifiable as some of the companies do browse the forums occasionally and you may want to make a comment at some point in the future that you don't want to be attributed to you.

    In terms of the process there is a wealth of information on here, just have a browse through the forums and use the search function, you will find lots of helpful stuff.
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