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  • Hello!

    Hello everyone, just wanted to take the opportunity to introduce myself around these blocks! My story began in early 2011 when I applied to a couple of shipping companies to be a deck cadet not knowing a whole lot about the whole process and what to do etc. I attended the Warsash open day in January of that year to gain an understand of what it was all about and I had my heart set on the merchant navy from then on. I managed to get an interview with Clyde Marine and after that process I was accepted as a cadet to begin training in September at South Tyneside college. Obviously this was difficult to absorb as I was only 16 at the time and I was about to leave all of my family and friends behind for months on end but I was excited at the same time! The first 5 or 6 weeks I spent at the MSTC doing all of the short courses which I thoroughly enjoyed before going back to start the college courses after that. A brief visit home at the beginning of October proved to be my mistake as it made me miss everything more and more and I ultimately decided to quit a few weeks later. I regret my decision to this day because I knew I should have stuck it out and I rushed my decision. I made lots of great friends there and I really want to get back into it or another route into working on ships, I don't mind which but as long as I can get to work on/with ships. I discovered this forum not too long ago and thought I'd sign up and let you hear my story and I can hear some of yours too and hopefully get some great advice. Many thanks and hello again!

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    Hello and welcome, shame about leaving so soon, as you will read around here, smart funding is only available once, so getting back in may prove tricky....but not impossible
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      How did you leave things with Clyde? - any chance of going back with them and trying to keep the smart funding that way?
      Otherwise how about:
      1. Superyachts as a deck hand (speak with someone like Wilson-Halligan)
      2. AB on ferries with a view to working your way up through that route.
      3. Something different on cruise ships in the hotel dept (unless you have your heart set on a technical role..)
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        It was nothing out of the ordinary, I spoke to my training manager and said I don't feel comfortable and would like to leave and that I was sorry etc. They did say that compensation might be a possibility but I never got anything through about that and never had to pay back anything which was nice. I am hopeful of a technical role, however, if I cannot find anything else or have no luck that way I may look into other roles on board a cruise ship or something.


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          I took a long break when I was a cadet and ended up 'going back a year' for various reasons, so I understand where you are coming from. I can only recommend that you speak to your training manager and see if you have any options with Clyde. Having invested in you already, they may see an upside to giving you another chance. It may be tough admitting to them that you made a mistake, but what is the worst they can say?
          Cruise ship Captain with experience on-board Passenger Vessels ranging from 5500-150000 GRT.


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            Yes thanks for that, I might do that because like you said, what's the worse that could happen? There's no harm in asking and it'll show how keen I am to get back into it. I want to finish my 2nd year at college first though and get some a-levels before I consider re-applying elsewhere or wherever.


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              Yes, well for sure you should finish your A-levels. At least then you can prove that you can 'stick things out' and that your decision to leave the cadet course was not typical. Let us know how you get on!
              Cruise ship Captain with experience on-board Passenger Vessels ranging from 5500-150000 GRT.