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  • Quick introduction

    Hello! I've been using this site for a while now and I think an introduction is long overdue, particularly as I found the advice on here so useful during the application phase.

    I'm an aspiring engineering cadet and received an offer from CMT in April which I have accepted. It's for the PD course in Glasgow starting August. The medical is passed, all the forms posted, so I'm just looking forward and counting down the days to the start of college. I genuinely cannot wait to start!

    It's a career change for me. I should have done it years ago/in the first place, but here I am as a 28 year old. If my age creates any obstacles with jobs so be it, it's my own fault for leaving it so late, but I'll be as hungry to listen and learn as the rest of them.

    Anyway, that's my quick hello!

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    Welcome again! Be seeing you on the course as you already know! :P


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      Cheers BW. Look forward to meeting you!
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        Welcome to the forum and good luck with the course.

        Firstly, I don't think your age will be an obstacle at all, if anything quite the opposite, many companies are realising the benefits of employing cadets / junior officers with a little more real life experience and maturity.

        Secondly, many people choose not to advertise their real identity (and for very good reasons, I would always recommend that any online identity is kept separate from your real life identity), it is therefore better not to use someones real life name in public where they choose not to include it in their user name, for that reason I would suggest you edit your above post.
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          Yes - age is not really an issue these days, just be prepared that there are going to be some officers out there who are younger than you in relativity senior positions and you will be fine. As it happens I am also 28 and I have run into issues in the past where cadets who were older than me had something of a problem with the relationship, but some of the best cadets that I have sailed with were my age or older, so it is swings and roundabouts really. Generally I would rather sail with a cadet in their mid 20's than a 16 year old.
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            Hi Eamonn and welcome!

            As Clanky and HolyNougat have said, age really isn't that much of an issue. I've seen plenty of cadets aged 30-40, and even some 40+.

            Enjoy and make sure you come back here every now and then!
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              Hi everyone and thanks for the advice it's much appreciated. The website is a goldmine of information and really helped me with my research when I was weighing things up for the change career. Good to know age won't be a problem provided I approach things in a sensible manner, which I will.
              Check out the blog!