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  • Hello from Turkey

    Hi all,

    i have been in private yachting since95 i try to get bigger with little success

    i have a master coc3000gt ticket commercially endorsed. Is it possible to upgrade to unlimited? If yes, what courses i have to study? I am a swiss citicen just to mention.

    Thank you in Advance.

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    Hi Sea61

    I believe that in the UK there is a pathway from master 3000gt to OOW Unlimited which may involve a bit of college time - Possibly give Warsash a call as they may be able to help (although not sure where you got your ticket from - which may be a stumbling block.)

    Once you get your OOW unlimited then as long as your on a commercial vessel you can then follow on to Chief Mate Unlimited to Master Unlimited.

    I will say that you will have to put a bit of work / money in and Im afraid that you probably wont be able to skip past the OOW Unlimited with a yacht background.
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