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Hello from the Scottish Islands!

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  • Hello from the Scottish Islands!


    This is a great place for information! Especially since so many questions have been asked and answered!

    I?ve just applied to a few places to say the least; Carnival, Trinity House, Viking recruitment, Shell, Maersk, Chiltern Maritime, James fisher, Clyde marine, Anglo-eastern, Northern marine and SSTG.

    It?s been less than a week so no responses so far, so i am hopeful i get at least a few interviews! Reading a few posts i hope that my Age and experience don?t go against me!

    I have an honors degree in geography and am currently in my first graduate job. Though it is only a one year?s contract! I?m 23 and female.

    Fingers crossed!!

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    Hello, welcome and no age no barrier, neither is the degree, enjoy, and watch out for GuinessMan he's a bit odd but we have him on some new meds
    Trust me I'm a Chief.

    Views expressed by me are mine and mine alone.
    Yes I work for the big blue canoe company.
    No I do not report things from here to them as they are quite able to come and read this stuff for themselves.

    Twitter:- @DeeChief


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      Hey , welcome! where bouts you from ? my mothers side is originally from Tiree.


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        Hi, Northern Marine? As in Northern Marine Management through Clyde Marine.

        I'm from the Scottish islands too, I'm from Barra!


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          The isle of lewis. Hmm, I've applied for that many now, I think maybe I applied separately from Clyde.

          Barbra is beautiful!

          I've had my first rejection from chiltern maritime on behalf of Trinity house.


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            Originally posted by Chiefy View Post
            watch out for GuinessMan he's a bit odd but we have him on some new meds
            You guys know I was joking about the safety warning right?
            I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.....

            All posts here represent my own opinion and not that of my employer.


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