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    having trouble passing this exam failed it 3 times help !!! , has any body else had the same problem, get my results this week, this is my fourth attempt, feel like jacking it in and going to work in a call center !, i have done the 5 day course , have to pay ?115 every time i take it. any help would be appricated!!!!
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    I am in the same situation but i have sat the exam at least 5 times now, i feel i have wasted a year trying to pass this exam, did you end up getting there?


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      I have a few mates who have failed it at least 3 times, and I and my friends had a similar situation with the SQAs. I've never understood why people who have spent the required time at sea and passed all the exams consistently fall down on these final exams, nice little money earner for the exam board I do think. The pass rate for the last nav. exam has a mere 25% nationally, the college I attended didn't even achieve that.