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    Hi everyone,

    I previously got to the interview stage with Maersk, but I failed

    Companies like Cylde and SSTG did not even get back to me.

    Just had my application accepted by the RFA and going on to the next stage...

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    Originally posted by MarkyB View Post
    ...I previously got to the interview stage with Maersk, but I failed ..
    Sorry to hear that.

    OK, but you can still get something out of it. Did you ring them afterwards and ask them what you failed on, what were your strengths they saw and which areas were your weakness? If not you can still do it and prepare yourself better for the next interview and not make the same mistakes again.

    Speak to the person who interviewed you if you can. At the end of the conversation ask if they would accept an application from you again - if they tell you it will give you a sense of whether you only just missed the cutoff or you were way wide of the mark.

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