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  • Hello from Lancashire


    Thanks for having a look at my first post.

    Firstly, can I just say that this site is AWESOME and it has really helped me with my interview prep.

    I'm 20 years old and have an interview with Clyde Marine Training in a couple of weeks for deck officer cadet and kind of stumbled across this site by accident - but I'm so glad I did.

    I've seen on here that the CMT interview is quite basic and I've been on their site looking for the sort of questions that they will be asking and, along with the letter they sent, the questions seemed to be aimed mostly at talking about yourself and why you want to enter the Merchant Navy etc. There isn't much detail as to what sorts of questions about the company or ships they may ask you. (In the letter it says "Ships, Clyde Marine and general knowledge") So I was wondering if anyone knows how much detail I will have to go into my revision for the ships and the company itself.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated - Thanks in advance!

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    Hello and welcome...
    I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.....

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      I've not done a Clyde interview myself so don't really know, but I'm sure someone can point you in the right direction.

      I really wouldn't imagine it's too in-depth.

      Best of luck and keep the questions coming!
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        Welcome to the forum, and good luck with your assessment. Hopefully some cadets who have recently been through the Clyde interview process will give you upto date information.


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          Hello from a fellow Lancashire member.


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            Hi MarkyB - are you applying for deck officer too? Have you got an interview anywhere?


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              Hello again Ginge,

              I am currently in the application process for RFA. Had a failed interview with Maersk :/