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  • Hello, Happy to Meet You all

    Dear Colleagues,

    I am pleased to join your group even before the start of my Pre Sea Training Course.

    I am an Egyptian/Australian Civil Engineer, I have the ambition to change my career into the maritime/shipping industry and start as a Deck Cadet.

    I have applied for the 13 Weeks, Pre Sea Training at “The Australian Maritime College AMC, University of Tasmania, Australia” and hoping to be ready to commence the sea service in early August 2013.

    My passion to work on ships started and kept growing almost 50 years!! Yes no typing mistakes Fifty Years; I was a little kid living in what was then a very beautiful Port Said, Egypt… I finished the high school, with good marks BUT … I couldn’t find where to study maritime? ... I join Alexandria University, graduated as Structural/Civil Engineer (Lucky me had also training in England in 1974).

    I resigned from my first job in construction to join DFDS Seaways, onboard a Danish Cruise Ship for 6 month; my position was … Waiter / Barman ….. Happy me WOW

    Back to my career for few years and Bingo … I found a job with a leading shipping agency for 6 month, this time at a container terminal in shipping operations.

    Now…. I am enthusiastic and look forward to go up the ladder as far as I can get for whatever is left before retiring.

    Congratulation to you all on selecting this great career and wish you a bright future.

    Yours Sincerely

    Emad Neirouz
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    Hello and welcome to the site,

    We strongly advise against publishing telephone numbers or email addresses on public forums, as such these have been removed from your above post.

    This web site is primarily focused on the UK training system, but you are of course more than welcome to join us! Good luck in your new chosen career!
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