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  • Hello everyone!

    Hello everyone! My nickname is from a famous comics captain and I'm a 23 year old student from Italy.
    As of now I'm studying computer science and I should be getting my bachelor degree in the following months, however I've been considering switching careers for some time now and joining the merchant navy in the uk. The sea has long been a passion of mine but I've made choices when younger that prevented me from starting a career at sea easily (read below for further explanations).

    I'll answer in advance what I'm sure someone will ask -Why not joining in your own country?-
    There are three main reasons:
    1- Economic ones, there's no such thing as a sponsorship here that I'm aware of and I would not have the funds to keep on studying for 3+ years.
    2- Joining here would mean basically getting another highschool diploma (I'm a liceo scientifico graduate since the academy accepts only students who come from a nautical highschool. I should pay and follow a 6 months alignment course and pass the final exams before even being able to simply apply for the academy where there would be a further selection with other tests and interviews.
    3- I'd have to relocate anyway since I live nowhere near the only two merchant navy academies in the whole country. So I'd rather move to the uk where I'd study in an international language and most likely in a more international environment too.

    While I'm at it I'll pop my first question too, I've read that one of the minimum requirements for EU citizens is to have lived in the uk for roughly one year, do you think it would be possible to go through the interview process before that and then spend one year in the country before starting college? I would be on a tight budget and since this would be my main reason for moving I'd rather know it in advance.

    Sorry for the long first post, I hope I'll have a good time here!


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    Hi and welcome to the forum.

    First of all, good luck with finished your degree.

    Unfortunately I really don't know the answer to you question, my own guess would be no, but it is just a guess, you would really need to contact some shipping companies for a definitive answer.
    Go out, do stuff


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      a while back bryan_s of Sweden was asking some similar questions. I'm pretty sure he ended up living in London for a year before applying to Carnival.

      You could search the forum archive for the rest of the posts but I'm pretty sure hes now a deck cadet at carnival.
      Former TH cadet with experience of cruise ships, buoy tenders, research ships and oil tankers


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        Thank you for your answers, I guess I'll have to move. I'd better get used to the lousy uk weather then


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          Hey, we had some sunshine today... for about 5 minutes!


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            Originally posted by size4riggerboots View Post
            Hey, we had some sunshine today... for about 5 minutes!
            To be fair it's not like northen italy is that much better when it comes to clouds and rain, but the temperatures! I remember being in London mid august a few years ago and freezing at night with two winter blankets haha.


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              Its apparently 3C in Warsash tonight and 3C in South Shields before the wind chill factor. What happened to the north-south divide?
              Former TH cadet with experience of cruise ships, buoy tenders, research ships and oil tankers