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    Originally posted by KerryAnderson View Post
    I'm going to find out what my college has then the high school.

    I phone the rfa and there sending out an application form, but I said I wanted to do a deck cadet officer but if I can't get physics do u think I can change to LSO?

    Thanks for your replys
    It really depends Kerry, Iam sure an LO would give you a good career and you said you were accepted for Warfare so you know then what the job should entail. The only problem with that is that it limits your options for employment elsewhere if you are doing logistics for the RFA.

    I would keep trying for Physics ask the RFA if they know anywhere that does it there must be some way around it as it seems that you have your heart set on a deck cadetship.


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      Originally posted by IFHP View Post
      Just to throw this in - If you are wanting to go into Logistics why not full time RN?
      My mate has just been one of many let go as LO in the RN so I would suggest now may not be a good time for any LO application.
      Pilotage - It's just a controlled allision


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        Hope youz havent forgot about me, lol.

        I was just wondering if i got an OU certificate in physics from the open university and then tried to get a certificate of higher education, OU diploma, diploma of higher education or foundation degree in physics. If this would help my situation.