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  • Hey :)

    My names Kerry Anderson, 19 years old from Scotland. I am currently half way through my second year of HND in Business hoping to be completed in June. Then I would like to become an Deck Officer Cadet in the Royal Fleet Auxiliary.

    The first question I have is that I am required to have 5 GCSE's (Standard Grades) but i only have 3 Standard Grades, but I also have 3 Intermediate 1's, 5 Intermediate 2's, 4 Highers, a higher leadership award, HNC in Business and in June hopefully a HND in business. Would the Royal Fleet Auxiliary take these grades into consideration?

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    You will have to phone the recruitment line. They might (or might not) have the wit to consider the Intermediates to be at least equivalent to Standard Grades. They are really fussy about having the right grades in the right subjects, so make sure you have at least the grades they are looking for - Maths and English are the usual stumbling points.


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      Thanks for your reply Steve.

      When I was at school they got rid of standard grades and implemented the Int1 and Int2, therefore this is why I have few standard grades, but I shall give them a phone.


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        The Intermediates should be fine, I didn't realise they are replacing Standard Grades. The important thing then is, do you have at least a B at Maths and English and Physics or Chemistry?


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          Yes they are trying to but I know people who were struggling going from standard grades to jiggers, think that's why they have the Int1 and Int2.

          I have standard grade geography and physics at 3 and English at 2.
          Then int1 maths at B , computing and French at A. Then int2 French, maths, English at C and art, business at A.

          Highers are
          English - D
          Art - C
          Business -C
          Geography - B

          Then a HNC business - C and half way through the HND.

          Sorry for all the info lol


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            I'm afraid it sounds like your quals don't quite meet the minimum laid down in the recruitment literature:

            They are really fussy about grades, a few folk on here with good qualifications and experience, but not meeting the precise requirements of the RFA, have been rejected.

            Obviously you shouldn't take my word for it, and you should contact them for yourself. Good luck!


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              Hello - sorry to say you will need to get a science - preferably physics at standard grade 1 or 2 or an int 2. I have biology standard grade 2 and chemistry at 3 but they wouldn't accept it. I am now doing physics int 2 - it can be quite a frustrating process with very little in the way of encouraging feedback. I just sat my RT test and was told by the centre I did well but would perhaps miss out because I was 1% short in one of the elements. I was also told that because I was in full time education that if I did receive a rejection I could re-apply in 6 months. I then received a standard rejection letter frommthe RFA with no details of my grades, no encouragement and a 'try again in a year' . Mixed messages from them which is rather disheartening but I will keep going - seems like they try to put people off to see who will persevere. Well..... I'm not going away!! Good luck but you will need a science at the right grade.


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                Yeh I know, trying to find somewhere I can do an int2 physics course but its proving difficult.

                Might have to look at going in as a logistics and supply officer.


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                  Purser (i.e. Logistics & Supply Officer) isn't a bad job if it's the RFA rather than a deck cadetship that you are set on, and a Business HND would seem to be what they are looking for. I'm not sure that they are actively recruiting pursers just now though, so you'll want to check on that.

                  Originally posted by RobB1210 View Post
                  Mixed messages from them which is rather disheartening but I will keep going - seems like they try to put people off to see who will persevere. Well..... I'm not going away!!
                  RFA recruitment seems to mostly be in the hands of the faceless minions of Captain Naval Recruitment (CNR) who 1) don't care about you and 2) don't care about the RFA. There are only two or three actual RFA personnel involved in recruitment, and they are hidden behind the front of CNR, careers offices, etc.

                  Hello - sorry to say you will need to get a science -
                  I will confess relative ignorance of the Intermediate system, but it seems to me that Kerry is just below the required grades at the required level for each of Maths, English and a physical science.

                  Intermediate 2 Maths - C
                  Intermediate 2 English - C
                  Standard Grade Physics - 3

                  Whereas a B (or equivalent) is required for each of them. The Standard Grade English at grade 2 might be acceptable, but the lower grade at Intermediate 2 may raise questions.


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                    Just to throw this in - If you are wanting to go into Logistics why not full time RN?


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                      I originally wanted to going the Royal Navy as a warfare officer, and was actually enrolled.

                      But I had to get an operation (ACL reconstruction on my knee) which is a direct entry Barr, therefore I now fancy the deck cadet ship.


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                        Ouchy! In that case try and find somewhere that does the physics qualification for you. If you wanted to do Warfare then the deck cadetship is the way to go, you could always go into the RNR once you qualify (not sure of the medical requirements) as direct entry officer.


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                          Been looking all day for somewhere to do the physics course. And been told that standard grades and intermediate 1 & 2's are changing to meet the curriculum for excellence so they are going to be nationals.

                          So I'm a bit stumped on what to do. Would love to be a deckie rather than LSO.


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                            Have you tried contacting your old school? I knew someone that had required Physics and they managed to do it back at High School despite leaving years earlier.


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                              I'm going to find out what my college has then the high school.

                              I phone the rfa and there sending out an application form, but I said I wanted to do a deck cadet officer but if I can't get physics do u think I can change to LSO?

                              Thanks for your replys