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  • First year exams

    Hi my name is alan and I'm in my first year as a Maersk Engineer cadet. My exams are coming up shortly and I'm worried I may fail. If I do fail will I be out of the course and not get to go onto the sea phase. Any pointers as to what I should focus on

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    Not sure what college you go to but Fleetwood you get at least one re-sit and I'm assuming that's the same for Engineers (I'm Deck.)


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      Which college are you at? From what we've been told (which is in no way gospel!) to pass you have to get 40% for the college and 50% for your exemptions (if you are doing FD). Cannae quite remember the first phase syllabus but IIRC the most important/hardest ones were thermo and ship stab. Smash as many tutorial questions as you can get your hands on and you'll be fine. As for resits, at STC you get a resit during summer (and therefore during sea-phase...) which you can do when you get back, if needs be.