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  • Hey there!

    Hi, Im Ed, 16 years of age and I'm an aspiring Deck Officer Cadet. I am going to down the open day at Warsash and I'm looking at hopefully getting a better insight from there and looking at getting sponsorship from a company there! I'm looking at mainly getting recruitment from Carnival UK as I have a huge passion for their ships in both of their fleets and I already spend a lot of time on their ships. Any advice would be highly grateful!

    Kind regards

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    *sigh* Another cruise cadet...

    Check their age requirements as most cruise companies need you to be 18 or 21....
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      The best advice is to do exactly what you are doing, go along to the open day and speak to them about your options.

      I would strongly advise staying on at school to do a-levels if you think there is a chance of getting good results, having studied for a-levels will help with the academic training and being 2 years older will help with living on a ship.
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        Originally posted by GuinnessMan View Post
        *sigh* Another cruise cadet...

        Check their age requirements as most cruise companies need you to be 18 or 21....
        I know for a fact Carnival take on guys at 16, it is only Holland America Line who I am aware of having a lower age limit of 18.


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          Please note: GM is our resident Grumpy Old Man. He's also a Ginger-Beer gone astray (shoreside). He is a mine of information, but the price one pays for that is the occasional Grumpy Old Man post. Take with plenty of salt. If he gets out of hand I am never too far away to give him a flea in his ear

          I did most of my training on cruise ships, and the training I received, particularly regarding safety, drills and navigation, was for the most part, excellent. (Of course, there were exceptions). Cargo work obviously didn't feature very much, but every kind of cargo ship is different anyway, you don't learn how to load a car carrier on a tanker....

          Welcome ChronoJunior and best of luck.


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