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  • Now my proper intro

    Hey looking back throught he forum i didint really post an introduction so here it is.

    I'm Ben Known as Cockers from years ago in the air cadets and through my current rugby club.
    I'm an 18 year old college student in my 3rd year of light vehicle repair and maintanence from newcastle and studying at newcastle.
    I finish my 3 year course june coming, I was origionally going to try and get in welding after college but dont fancy it anymore.
    I have always had the RAF Or Merchant navy on my mind growing up and after applying to the raf last year and being knocked back for bmi reasons put me off a little bit, but lost alot of weight since then and i want to be in the merchant navy!

    So this is why i am here to gather as much info, advice and interview techniques as i can to fully sell myself as good as i can!
    I know the merchant navy is not all amazing and it has its bad times but from speaking to the friends i have in the Merchant Navy the Goods Defo outweigh the bads!

    I am a keen rugby player, playing for my local team North Shields Rugby Club
    I like to take part in many sports wether it be a kick about with the lads, cricket golf anything.

    When i was younger my dad attended south tyneside college as an engineering cadet, but that fell through.
    As a i was child he owned boats from speed boats to leisure/fishing boats as i grew older he tought me alot about sailing and skippering small vessels.

    He taught me alot about navigation with mads and also using the stars.

    Then i got into Air cadets and was a very keen member of 346 Tynemouth ATC Sqn well on my way to becoming an NCO but i was struggeling with school at the time so had to slow it down, being an air cadet taught me many skills to progress in life successfully from working indepandtly to valuable leadership skills! they taught me alot about the outdoors navigation and things but i never got the chance to do my duke of edinburgh which is a shame!

    I think i've blabbered on enough now will be nice to make aquantance with yous and i can try to help where i can!
    As i will need plenty of help!

    thanks guys