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Hello there looking for some pointers!

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  • Hello there looking for some pointers!

    Hey guys

    I'm quite interested in joining the merchant navy especially maersk with it being a deck cadet or anything my dad studied at south shields college when he was younger to be an engineering cadet said it was a tough course and he's now a well known civil engineer i'd also like to look into oil rig supply ships but do not know where to look for that
    I have a few friends in maersk who are deck cadets.
    But i'm just wondering i am currently at Newcastle college doing vehicle maintenance and repair in my 3rd year i finish in June but car mechanics is not really doing it for me and not alot of available work.

    so with finishing college in June would it be advised to apply to maersk just after Christmas hoping for a September intake.


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    Hi and welcome along, have a good look around, most of your questions will be answered here some where.

    Maersk has both deep sea and supply side, so your dream of off shore is do-able with them (in the long run) other companies do just one or the other (deep sea or off shore). Unless you are really only wanting maersk to take you on, it might be worth applying to other places too, Clyde, SSTG, et al, if you get more than one offer then lucky you ;-) and you dont HAVE to take all the offers.

    So have a good read around and we'll do what we can to help answer your questions, remember there are no silly questions, though the same can not be said of the answers ;-)
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      Hey again mate.

      Thanks for them pointers "I'd preferably want to be in Maersk" but i know that i want never gets so once i've spoke to who i need to at maersk going to look at my options and apply everywhere else, My friend applied everywhere apart from maersk and managed to get in with BP so just gotta give it a try!



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        Hi Ben

        In addition to what Chiefy said I would add that it may be a good idea to get the ball rolling now as often companies will have a big pile of applications after the Christmas period.


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          Hi chris i nearly have the ball rolling just finalizing my personal statement and i am sorted