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  • Hello Everyone

    I am new to this site but have been reading all the posts for a few weeks now and it's been really helpful. I want to become a deck officer cadet and my first choice is the RFA. My application has gone off and I am hoping to get to do the RT soon. Tomorrow I am going to the careers at sea day to explore other options and find out more about the Nautical Science BSc at LJMU. I'm probably looking to start in 2014 because I'm in the final year at school but will be 17 when I leave so would like to get a bit more life experience before starting the course. I would be particularly interested to hear from RFA cadets to find out how they are enjoying it and if it meets expectations. I have been watching the series ' officers and gentlemen' on the military history channel which has been quite an eye opener. Look forward to chatting more over the coming weeks, months, years.

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    Hi there Rob! Welcome to the forum!

    To boldly go.....
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