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INTRODUCTION: dgbayliss - David "Bayb" Bayliss

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  • INTRODUCTION: dgbayliss - David "Bayb" Bayliss

    "Hi" to all forumfolk,

    I have been a regular viewer of for quite some time but have only recently made the effort to register.

    About my past . . .

    Originally from Sydney (New South Wales). I was an "Army Brat" and lived in the Territory of Papua and New Guinea before my father (who served in Army Small Ships) was posted back to mainland Australia and retired to Cooktown (a little coastal/bush town in Far North Queensland). I attended All Souls' & St. Gabriel's School (Charters Towers, North Queensland) as a boarding student, which is where I acquired the nickname "Bayb". Whilst at school I studied for various radio communications certificates and am still a holder of an Amateur Radio ("hobby radio") licence.

    Although I originally trained in both Land-Mobile and Maritime-Mobile Communications I worked in our family-owned seafood-business/ice-works in Cooktown. My father wanted me to go to sea on "big ships", but as a teenager I knew better (of course), and joined the Australian Army when they visited the town on an exercise. Initially I thought that I would venture down the familial path of Army Small Ships / Water Transport, but for some reason I strayed and wound up in a niche combat-centric employment specialising in tactical/strategic intelligence gathering, harassment of enemy forces (in depth), conducting recovery operations, conducting counter terrorism and conducting/instructing special warfare. Whilst with the Australian Army I was able to complete two undergraduate degrees (work related) and numerous vocational/para-professional certificates and diplomas which are a normal part of professional career progression.

    About my future . . .

    Following numerous prolonged operational deployments I found myself dreaming of calmer waters (so to speak) where people don't shoot at you all day long and don't try to kill you everytime you make the effort to help and support to the local civilian population. After several aggressive attacks on my sub-unit I was injured and forced to pursue a quieter life. So, after having been rehabilitated and struggling to find relevance of milcentric qualifications within a civil environment other than in the fields of "security", "intelligence" or "policing" . . . here I am as a trainee mercantile Deck Officer.

    So far I have had to self-fund my medicals, pre-sea study, transport, and accommodation at the Australian Maritime College (as most pre-sea students here in Australia have to). As a 'married member' it is very difficult to just meet normal living expenses without an income (i.e. living of savings and a meagre war-service pension), let alone pursue a new career. Unfortunately it is quite difficult to obtain fully or partially funded cadetships in Australia due to the current polit-industrial dynamics. A prominent Australian company has offered me a temporary training berth (for accrual of qualifying service and completion of the academic task and guided study program) as an unpaid trainee aboard one of their foreign flagged vessels, so (pending final approval) I am off to sea without a cadetship - pretty scary stuff - once on the ship I am "by myself" with no corporate support. I am still sorting out how things will work, and am due to board the vessel on 20 August. The vessel has a pretty set route: Australia - Brazil - France - Japan. The plan is for me to remain on board until she returns to Australia, which could be anywhere between four- and nine-months. The backup plan is to self-fund an 'emergency' return trip from one of the ports.

    Hobbies / Interests:

    - Fine woodworking (my maternal forebears were craftsmen and had a very strong pre-industrial traditional philosophy)
    - Long range, low power, high frequency radio communications.
    - Health and fitness.
    - Archaeology (forensic, historical, maritime and industrial).
    - Cultural Anthropology (especially linking extant material culture with human dispersal through archaeological evidence. See the SEALINKS project at Oxford University:
    - Education and Training (lifelong adult and workplace education).


    - Various exMilitary Associations.
    - Australian Mariners' Welfare Society.
    - Company of Master Mariners of Australia - Student Member.
    - The University of Tasmania (Australian Maritime College) - my current institution.

    My dream employment:

    Ocean Seafaring Deck Officer (on any ship that will have me, but a working with Carnival is a nice thought at the moment).

    So, that is my lot; and I hope to contribute more information as things progress.


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    David "Bayb" Bayliss
    Australian Maritime College
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    A slightly similar range of interests to my self that you have....

    I was a bit of a CB 'nerd' in my younger days; but to match it up with "low power" would be a little distorted; as I had a President Lincoln unit, with a 100w burner. The neighbours could hear me talking with people around the world, depending on the 'skip' levels. "Daniel, if you don't stop messing around with that radio of yours, I'm going to call the police. I was trying to watch Coronation street, and all I could heard was C, q, dx 26 division standing by" - I had to jack that hobby in because the government (DTI) would have eventually shut me down, and fined me for illegal radio use, thanks to my disgruntled neighbours.

    I'd say I was bang into Anthropology as well, maybe not on an academic level, but I've read a few books by Tim Severin (The Brendan voyage, and the China Voyage- actively testing his hypothesis about the movement of ancient peoples, much in the style of Heyerdahl, which brings me onto Thor, who I am a massive fan of; even if all the genetic testing of recent times pissed all over her theories)

    Welcome to the forum, and enjoy!



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      Ah, another soldier, although you seem to have done some much more exciting and warry stuff than myself. I messed around on horses in central London for two and a half years, and drove tanks for a year and a half in Windsor, and I start at Warsash in September.

      It surprises me that Australian companies don't offer fully sponsored cadetships, I imagine that is something to do with the Philippines being rather close?
      "Crazy like wild wolves threatened by fire, send them all to the bottom of the sea."


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        You obviously aren't aware of how powerful the unions on Aussie ships are! They do a lot more to keep Australian crew on Australian ships than Nautilus ever will.


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          Originally posted by tlloyd1983 View Post
          You obviously aren't aware of how powerful the unions on Aussie ships are! They do a lot more to keep Australian crew on Australian ships than Nautilus ever will.

          I got wind of this. Me and the missus, well, I guess ex missus now, were toying with the idea of moving over to Australia, a few years down the line and I had a mooch at officer jobs over there, and couldn't really find anything doing. I was told as a foreign national, that would be pretty hard to come by. Thankfully, it's now been eradicated from the horizon. Phew!


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            Hello and welcome!
            I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.....

            All posts here represent my own opinion and not that of my employer.


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              Knew a guy that claimed to have been getting paid A$140,000 per annum working as a cook for OMS on construction vessels in Australia... Not sure how reliable this guy is... but there is great money to be made if you can get working offshore in Australia as they are short of skilled people with the expanding offshore oil and gas sector...


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                Welcome and stuff
                Go out, do stuff


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                  Thank you all for the welcome.

                  The pay in Australia is great for Australian flagged vessels, however our ocean fleet is significantly smaller than it should be (, and most of the ocean fleet are foreign (convenience) flagged.

                  An example of A$120,000 pa (four weeks on / four weeks off in Australian Territorial waters) income for maritime security officers can be found in the expression of interest at this link: So anybody just chasing money (and with the appropriate prerequisites) should make an enquiry. I would however, be concerned about what happens after the contracted employment matures (ends) . . . If however somebody is genuinely interested then send me a personal-message and I will pass on information from the person that raised he advert (information that is not in he online advert).

                  Once again, thank you for the welcome, and hopefully we will all be able to meet up for an ale/lager at a later date. Then we can chat about all things shipping, anthropological/archaeological, and how to resolve all the outstanding global issues.

                  (Duckie52, and Dan; Would love to meet and have a few brews. I had my first radio when about eight years old (we didn't have television so two-way radio was how all the kids around the area stayed in touch), hence my early interest in communications. The Army was fantastic, drove me crazy at times; worked a little bit with the Light Horse and Cavalry (M113A1, and the Australian Light Armoured Vehicles). The Light Horse would basically be a means of uparmoured insertion or occassional extraction, so I have a healthy respect for those that are prepared to draw fire in order to get other warfighters in or out. As for heavy armour (tanks), well done mate. There is no way in Hades that I would work in a depleted-uranium magnet).


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                  David "Bayb" Bayliss
                  Australian Maritime College

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