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  • Hi

    As an old fart, turning 50 next time, it's an odd feeling looking around this forum. I've sailed with many cadets over the years, and often wondered what goes on inside their heads. Maybe I can find the answer here. Jokes aside, they have all been a friendly bunch, and it's always been a pleasure having them on board.

    I've served for 22 years on anchorhandlers, the last 12 as captain. At the moment we work out of Rio de Janeiro with six cadets on board, four on deck and two in the engineroom. They keep us on our toes, having to pull out the old books almost daily.

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    Hi hook!

    Welcome to the forum. Thanks for registering.

    Anchor handlers sounds cool, you planning on staying at sea for a while or has something shore-based caught your eye yet?

    To boldly go.....
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      welcome! so then ill just straight in, is there any reason for the name hook ?


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        Thanks for the welcome.

        No reason for the name, except that it's a cool character.

        Anchor handlers are the best type of vessels you can be on, IMHO. I plan on staying until they carry me off