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    I will be attending Warsash in September and I was wondering what the fees for rent are, and what building you stay in during the first phase. I have never been to a university so they are an alien place to me

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    Hey Kirsty, I cant remember the exact figures, they are all on the Warsash website, but I think it is around ?140 a week for 7 days accommodation and food. There are a few different packages though. Who's your sponsor?


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      Thanks, I think I will probably end up sharing a room with a stranger anyway, no problem, and P&O sponsor me.


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        My sponsor told me that the halls work out to around ?450 per month, but theres a few different ways of doing it to bring costs down.
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          Kirsty,if you're not a mixer, I recommend the halls, I attended halls at uni and it was alright, luckily I got on with everyone and there were eight people to share with. But if you're really wanting to study, I'd look at private rented, it seems pretty affordable :3 Plus, you can kick friends out (politely of course!) when you want some study time or just general chill out time
          It all depends on how much you have to spend.
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            Halls at Warsash require you to live there during first phase....
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              It's not that I don't like mixing, I'm just not fussy on paying for a TV licence and I have my OCD days and hate mess but thats usually if someone is winding me up...