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  • Hello People!!!!!

    Hi there.

    My name is Hywel Phillips and I am 17 years of age. Currently i am studying As levels at my secondary school in Pembrokeshire, Wales. I have just yesterday (17/01/12) applied for a position with Clyde Marine as a Deck cadet for the September intake.

    I would appreciate greatly any tips or anything useful that can help me throughout my application stage.

    Diolch yn Fawr (Thank you very much! )


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    Hey Hywel!

    Welcome to the forum, have a look around and you will find loads of threads with tips for interviews and probably answers to loads of questions you will have!

    Good luck with your applications!


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      Many Thanks Faust. I'm sure we will bump into each other at some point on the forum


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        I would say be careful telling CMT (or any training provider) that you don't enjoy 6th form. We all know that actually training to do a job you're interested in is much more interesting than just going to college and studying some generic as-levels, however, CMT will see it differently and may well ask 'well, what guarantee do we have that you won't change your mind about a cadetship in a years time?'.

        Other than that, good luck, the bloke at my interview t'other day did say that CMT are recieving about 60 applications a day, so make sure that your application stands out!
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          Hello Hywel (how on earth do you pronounce that?)

          What do you not enjoy about sixth form as being in the classroom as a cadet is somewhat like sixth form, but with Drug and Alcohol testing...
          I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.....

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            Prynhawn da Hywel

            I believe Clyde Marine Training are now accepting applications once more on line.

            Pob Lwc



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              Dear all, many thanks for your replies.

              Righty...I very much enjoy my subjects at AS level, I really's the actual sixth form itself. The headmaster at my school is terrible and since taking over completely ignores the sixth form and shows no respect what so ever towards his pupils...nor many of the teachers. We are not allowed a common room; we have to study in the schools canteen. Many others are leaving sixth from this year and are wishing to continue there A levels at our local college, i don't blame them! But as far as subjects go, brilliant
              ...Oh and welsh bacc, yeah that's somthing else...won't go into it.

              Ducki52: Thanks for the advise, I will definitely keep that in mind

              GuinessMan: it is pronounced like the name Hugh but with an 'el' on the end ...Hyw-el ...haha

              elir71: Shwmae, are you welsh too??



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                Hi there Hywel,

                Welcome to the forum.

                Hope your application goes well and good luck with your interview!

                As ducki says, competition for places is tough, especially for some of the more popular companies like CMT. My best advise to you would be to think of some reasons to support your application that you can bring up at interview. When they ask 'Why do you want to do this job?' answers such as 'to travel the world' or 'to experience an exciting new job' are answers that come up a lot, so think about what having this career would mean to you.

                Good luck again

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