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Hello from an aspiring RFA cadet

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  • Hello from an aspiring RFA cadet

    Hi all,

    Been a'lurking for a little while, I'm currently in the process of applying for Engineering Cadet for the RFA; passed my RT in February and I have my sift interview later this month

    I was wondering if anyone knew the timescales involved from here on in, obviously subject to me passing the sift and AIB etc. I've been told I'm looking at September 2012 intake, but is this for starting college in Sept with BRNC beforehand, or starting the BRNC in September? I only ask because being a slightly more mature applicant (late 20's) I have rental commitments etc and I'd like to keep my housemates as up to date as possible.

    Thanking you in advance, looking forward to getting to know you all a little better I hope!

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    I'm sure an RFAer will be along soon, but in the meantime thanks for joining and hope you enjoy using the site!
    Hello! I'm Chris. I'm away a lot so I'm sorry if it takes me a while to reply to messages, but I promise I'll get back to everyone. If it's urgent, please email me directly at [email protected].

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      I passed my AIB in October and I start BRNC in May its an 8 week course so that takes me to the end of July I dont imagine there being another intake at Dartmouth that will get you ready in time for September at college. There is an intake at BRNC in september and I think some people start college in January?


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        Hi Ganner,

        Thanks for the reply, it's baking my noodle a little bit trying to work the dates out, I can find very little online and I want to be as prepared as possible!


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          Well have a look on for some more info on BRNC but I do think May is the last intake that will get you in for September at college. Someone on here will know if fleetwood (which all RFA's go to now) has a January intake and if they do you can be pretty sure thats where you will start there. if you have any questions on the process post RT I will be happy to give you some pointers just PM me.


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            Hi there Squidlington! I am in a similar position to Ganner, I applied in the back end of August, when I did my RT, Sift was September (I think) and AIB was early December. I'm also starting in May at BRNC, for a Spetember start at Fleetwood.

            I would imagine that you'll start Fleetwood in January, this process is one that can't be rushed would perhaps be the best way to put it lol

            I just found out today that everything has gone through and my security clearance was all fine, just waiting for a letter

            I'll add you incase you need to ask anything (trying to add all the RFA guys as friends on the forum).
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