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any tips for a new engine cadet with princess cruises?

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  • any tips for a new engine cadet with princess cruises?

    just wondering what life is like in the cruise ships for an engine cadet?

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    Hi Niall and welcome!

    I'm not an engineer, nor with Princess - I'm a deckie with Carnival but hey, it's almost the same!

    First trip engine cadets seem to spend much of their trips on daywork, mainly with the engine room fitters but a bit of time with hotel services too (particularly for lifeboat/rescue boat engine maintenance/repair). After that, it's on to watches, mainly working with the 3/Eng in the engine room but occasionally with the 2/Eng in the control room.

    That's just what I've heard from engineers I've been on ship with, so your mileage may vary!
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      so what is it like being a deckie


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        Oh the jokes one can make! Where do I start!?

        *Overload overload*
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          Originally posted by urbansadface View Post
          so what it like bring a deckie