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A Short Introduction from an Aspiring Cadet :)

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  • A Short Introduction from an Aspiring Cadet :)

    Hi there, my name's Jai and I'm 19 years of age. I'm an aspiring deck cadet and I've applied to all the companies that'll take me (the ones that don't want at least 120 UCAS points, anyway!). I've got a lot of questions and I feel that this forum is the place to be for swift and detailed answers from people who are either on the same path as me or have been there, done it and got the t-shirt!

    Have been lurking and looking for a while and thought I should register if I want my own concerns answered.

    My Dad is in the MN and despite years of him trying to get me following his footsteps - saying that I'd like it and I should give it a go - I never really looked into it in detail. However, after much discussion and some research of my own it now turns out that the Merchant Navy lifestyle would suit me to a tee! All I've ever really wanted in life is to travel the world and to have as many unique experiences as I can, as well as being extremely put off by the usual 9-5 routine jobs that most people end up opting for.

    For the last three years I've been darting about, stabbing in the dark attempting to pin down what I want to do with my life career-wise and where I'm headed. Finally, I know what I want to do with it. Hopefully one of the companies/training organisations I've applied to will give me a go and I'll be able to head off in to this varied and exciting career/lifestyle as quickly as possible!

    I'm sure this will be the start of a long and fruitful time here at Officer Cadet. Thank god a community like this exists!

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    All the best mate! Hope to see you out there on the wet stuff one day!