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  • Hello! :D

    Hello everyone,
    I want to become an Engine cadet and have applied to a few places. Only had one interview before with Princess which I messed up , failing the maths test. But I have now got an interview with Clyde on Thursday and was wondering if anyone had any last minute (ish) tips?..And does anyone know about the interview itself? it a group interview and will they have me sweating..etcc?

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    Lots of useful bits and pieces on the forums, might be worth doing a search for Clyde interviews.

    Know your stuff, read everything they've sent you and read their website from cover to metaphorical cover. Look smart and keen.

    Not sure how Clyde do their interviews, but it's guaranteed to have a 2-to-1 or 1-to-1 interview, so worth thinking of common interview questions.

    Hope that helps, let us know how you get on and feel free to ask questions. There's no stupid questions!! (Well, not many.)

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      When I had my interview with Clyde (wow, 3 years ago now), the training manager was really good, felt more like a chat than an interview. Brush up a bit on basic nautical stuff, wear a suit, relax. It was one-on-one.


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        Oh, prepare a few questions for him as well. He will ask at the end if you have any questions, so fire something insightful and thought provoking his way. SMaRT seems to be a hot topic, so you could ask him how it is affecting them or something like that.